Accounting service

UHY Centra Management Associates has a proven track record of maintaining the highest international service standards by recruiting the cream of the talent from globally recognized accounting bodies such as CASL, CMASL, AATSL, ACCA, and CIMA. We are proficient in using accounting software’s such as Quick Books, Tally, MYOB, and Xero, which allows us to provide a service specific to your organization’s needs and standards along with the advantage of global experience of UHY’s culture and work ethics.

According to the company activity, businesses require a set of complete accounts. We maintain accounting records and fulfill your reporting needs for both corporate and statutory requirements, starting from the moment of establishing a legal entity. Our services include:

  • Preparation of charts of accounts and supporting information schedules.
  • Preparation of data bases in the accounting-financial systems.
  • Monitoring receivables, collections, payables and cash flow management.
  • Maintaining a systematic recording and organising of financial transactions in a company (Bookkeeping).
  • Providing management accounts and related management reports on a monthly/ quarterly basis.
  • Filing monthly and quarterly returns for statutory payments such VAT, NBT, ESC, EPF, ETF and PAYE tax as necessary,
  • Preparation of statutory financial statements and liaise with statutory auditors.
  • Providing other services such as reconstruction of accounting records, preparation of accounting records on the basis of other sources, etc.