Company secretarial service

The corporate and legal team at UHY Centra Management Associates is geared to provide a wide range of services. Our team of experts is knowledgeable on company law, BOI law, labor law, exchange control regulations and other statutory requirements that impact your day to day business activities. Our team is ready to assist you in complying with cumbersome legal and statutory obligations when doing business in Sri Lanka. Our services include;

  • Company incorporations, branch registrations and compliances.
  • Maintaining statutory registers and preparing resolutions & extracts.
  • Managing share transfer allotments and buy-backs.
  • Filing annual returns and compliances.
  • Facilitating company meetings, board and shareholders’ meetings.
  • Providing a registered office for local and foreign companies.
  • Custody of the company seal.


We are also proficient in providing;

  • Company dissolution and liquidation.
  • Company mergers and amalgamations.
  • Establishing a Board of Investment (BOI) for qualify entities.
  • Advisory services on exchange control regulations, commercial and labour issues in Sri Lanka.
  • Capitalization, repatriation of capital/ dividends.
  • Domestic and international trademark registration services.
  • Attestation services.