Coporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility At Centra Management, our values of integrity and care and respect for people run deep. We are therefore committed to empowering people and providing better opportunities to those from previously disadvantaged communities through our range of initiatives. We are passionate about the corporate social responsibility; we understand the importance of “not just following the dictates in addressing inequalities in society in which we operate, but by demonstrating visible accountability of our staff.”

Supporting of Children’s Homes Having been involved in numerous initiatives over the years, our primary focus is supporting orphanages or children’s homes. A monthly contribution for food and other needs are also donated. We also make a point of spending quality time with the orphans in the various homes.

Internal Audit

Individuals based Support In addition to the orphanages, we also regularly support individuals for their education and medical needs. For achieving these objectives we contribute them by setting aside a 2.5% of total revenue of our "Sadaqah" Welfare Fund.
  • Independent review of policies and procedures to evaluate effectiveness and whether they are being complied with
  • Identification of areas for improvement and recommendation of action plans to help you minimise risk and achieve goals more effectively
  • Using a risk-based approach and proven methodology, we focus on evaluating the effectiveness of your internal controls against key risks, business strategy and commercial needs
  • When you work with us, you will have the confidence that our service needs will meet your compliance and business needs.