Administration and Payroll Services

We offer solutions tailored to your business, complexity of payroll elements and reporting requirements. We are fast and flexible on the one hand and protect and secure payroll data to maintain confidentiality on the other. Our services include:.

Administration Service

  • • Recruiting staff - this includes developing job descriptions, preparing advertisements, short listing, interviewing and selecting candidates.
  • • Processing of staff appointments, transfers, promotions, demotions and terminations
  • • Develop job descriptions, job specifications, organisation charts and other materials to describe positions and duties performed by employees
  • • Preparation and maintenance of employees’ files and recording and supervision of attendance and leaves (from data to be provided by the Company)
  • • Supervise and coordinate overall activities of payroll staff and ensure payroll is processed in an accurate, compliant and timely manner
  • • Registration of new employees with department of EPF, ETF and PAYE and coordination with labour department
  • • Attending any query related to EPF, ETF and PAYE with the government authorities

  • (b). Payroll Services

    • • Preparation of payroll related documents and banking process based on data provided by the Company
    • • Preparation and processing of payroll with related documents such as authorisation letter to bank and pay-slips
    • • Support all internal and external audits related to payroll and statutory payments
    • • Preparation and filling of monthly and semi yearly returns for EPF, ETF and PAYE as necessary
    • Combining accounting, tax and payroll compliance services is a very efficient and cost effective way for Centra Management to assist your business from inception and throughout the life of the Company’s operations